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Transport of Equipment

We offer transportation of your equipment from the Netherlands to the track.

Arrive & Drive

Enjoy the ultimate racing experience without the hassle – just show up and drive!

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Transport Equipment 


For your convenience, we offer hassle-free transportation of your equipment to the track. Each driver can have their kart, including the engine, and a small toolbox, transported with ease. Our route from the Netherlands includes several stops in Belgium and France, providing multiple opportunities for participants to hand over their equipment along the way. Enjoy a smooth and stress-free journey, focusing entirely on your performance on the track!


€ 600 for a single race
€ 800 for both races
€ 200/day for awning space KCL tent, trolley and bench

The exact route and pick up places will be determined soon.

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& Drive

Race with a brand-new CRG kart equipped with your choice of Rotax, IAME, or TM engine. We take care of transport and provide awning space in the KCL tent. Enjoy the ultimate racing experience: just show up and drive!

Arrive & Drive includes:

  • A CRG Kart with a Rotax, IAME, or TM Engine

  • Fuel

  • Awning space

  • Bench and trolley


Mini      price on request
 price on request
Senior  price on request
K2         price on request

Included in entryfee: tyres*
*additional tyres will be offered at the track.
Excluding: damages and a mechanic

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