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Formula 4 test days 

Calling all karting professionals
Take part in the Karting Champions League Winter Series and the road to Formula 4 awaits you at the Portimao circuit. 

Win test days in Formula 4 (Senior and KZ)
Round 1 winners will win half a day of testing in a Formula 4. The overall top 3 from rounds 1 and 2 win two test days, one test day or half a test day in a Formula 4 at MP Motorsport. 

Test-Drive opportunities available !
If you're eager to test your skills in a Formula 4 but haven't secured any test days yet, you can purchase test days from MP Motorsport. Your application will be carefully reviewed by MP Motorsport to assess your racing background and aspirations.

Limited seats available
Don't miss the chance to be part of the MP Test Team/Academy 2025 programme for the 2026 season. It is the perfect place for a good starting point for the 2026 Formula 4 season.

Apply today and boost your racing career! 

Your application is always followed by an intake by MP Motorsport to check your racing experience and ambitions.

Pricing and Inclusions

F4 testdays

Dec 3rd - Dec 4th

1/2 or full day


  • Fuel
  • Tyres
  • Support from the MP Academy team
  • Data analytics

Don't miss this exclusive chance to experience Formula 4 driving with MP Motorsport. Reserve your spot today and take the first step towards a professional racing career. Contact us for more details and availability.


Full day: 

€ 7.500,-

Half day:

€ 4.500,-

Excl. VAT and damages.

Your application will be reviewd by MP Motorsport, prior to admittance. 

Test Day

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Don’t miss out on this ultimate racing experience! Sign up and join us in Spain and Portugal. We'll see you at the track!

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