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This coming year the first season of Karting Champions League starts. It promises to be a fascinating adventure. A search for Europe's greatest karting talents. Who in turn will hunt for a test in Formula 4 or a year of racing in Formula 4 at MP Motorsport. In the Karting Champions League, racing will follow the unique "arrive & drive" concept but there are still a number of innovative ideas.

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A championship through all classes!

Team approach

We are introducing a team competition element, similar to Formula 1, where teams are formed within the Karting Champions League. Each team is led by its own team manager. Each team has its own team of mechanics, led by a chief engineer and a driver who takes the team's equipment to all races. In addition, each team has a fully equipped truck with a covered technical area for optimal support.

One league 3 championships

Each team consists of up to 15 karters, with a maximum of 3 of them driving in a class, resulting in a maximum of 150 drivers. Drivers compete individually in their class for the championship, with the grand prize, in K2, being a year's driving in Formula 4 at MP Motorsport. In addition, sufficient points in the championship provide the opportunity to test drive a Formula 4 at MP Motorsport.

In addition to the individual championship, there is also competition for team victory within each class. The three karters from a team who collect the most points together are team champions within their class. There are also nice prizes for this.

Finally, the entire team (i.e. all 15 karters) will compete for the overall team victory. So this is a championship through all classes. Similar to the constructors' championship in Formula 1. This way there is also a victory for the team managers. Appropriate prizes will also follow for this victory.

Developing racing talent priority

Within the Karting Champions League, the emphasis is on developing racing talent through cooperation and team spirit. Cooperation within a team, with mechanics as well as teammates, is essential for a further racing career. In addition, older and more experienced karters can help, advise and guide their younger teammates in the sport. In this way we develop racing talent across the board and make karting not only an individual sport, but also a team sport.

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