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Here you will find all frequently asked questions listed. If you still have questions, we are ready to help you. Please feel free to contact us!


Is it possible to bring your own mechanic?

Yes, this is possible. Option one: if you want to bring your own mechanic who only works for you, please get in touch with us. Option two: you bring your own mechanic who can also work on other karts. You must let us know before 31 January 2024.

Are there any test days and training sessions?

Yes, and we will come up with dates as soon as possible. The karts will come from Kartstore Benelux. If you want to come and drive your own CRG kart, you can. If you like to buy a CRG kart, you can get one, with a discount, from Kartstore Benelux. We will not accept any other kart brands on these days.

What will the guidance and coaching look like?

Each class will have a driver contact and a data analyst. After each training session and race, drivers will have a mandatory debriefing in the Karting Champions League tent. After that, the drivers are free, however we recommend analysing the session further in their own tent with a mechanic. There will be a few other learning moments, but more on that later.

What is expected of the children?

The drivers can show their responsibility and commitment by supporting their mechanic after the sessions so that the kart is ready again quickly. Using a cleaning rag is the least ☺. And participate as much as possible in everything that is offered. This way, they slowly become a mature driver.

What is expected of parents?

Parents can enjoy their children's achievements with us. We appreciate your support and encouragement. On the other hand, there is a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to inappropriate behavior by parents at the track.

Do the kids get equal attention, or do everything and everyone jump on the "natural talents"?

Of course, everyone gets equal attention.

Is it possible to arrange some collective hotel accommodation abroad?

Karting Champions League will put a link on its website where parents and drivers can book hotel accommodation.

Is it possible to buy a kart with the correct specifications? 

At the Kartstore Benelux, drivers participating in the Karting Champions League program can get a discount on purchasing their equipment.

Is it possible to test with instructors of the Karting Champions League?

This can be arranged. Prices and availability in cooperation with Kartstore Benelux. Please get in touch with us.

Can sponsors have a place on the kart? 

There is space on the side skirts and front spoiler to put your own sponsors on it.

Can I also receive an invoice for my company? 

Yes, this is possible. We will send the invoice to the company or to the private address.

Can I pay in parts? 

Yes, the relevant amount is invoiced in 10 parts anyway. You can find the exact breakdown on our website.

Am I guaranteed to move on to MP Motorsport? 

Only the winner of the K2 class will, as he/she earns a place in the F4 team in the Spanish championship. And, of course, test days are guaranteed. Fortunately, the people from MP get involved and are regularly present. You can have a talk with them about your future in racing. So, this is the place to put yourself in the spotlight. We are MP's training program for a reason. That always makes a transition easier.

We would like to test in a CRG first. Is that possible? 

Yes. In January, we will announce when we will be at circuits in Europe with our race material. Keep an eye on our website and our newsletter.

How many registrations do you already have? 

All classes are more than 50% full at the time of writing.

Can I meet the Karting Champions League team?

We are present every day at our headquarters in Oud-Beijerland. You are welcome, but if you want to make sure there is someone you can talk to, please call, or email in advance. We will be happy to make time for you.

You are new to karting; can you organise this? 

Yes indeed! The Karting Champions League employs many people with extensive experience in karting. In addition, the Camp Company has been hired for all organisational and technical matters at the track. They have organised many races in Europe for Rotax over the past 20 years, so you don't have to worry about that. We also have CRG Italy, Vega Tyres, and MP Motorsport behind us. Looking at their achievements in the last 15 years, you understand this step too.

What makes the Karting Champions League different from other championships? 

Motorsport. That might be a crazy answer, but MP sees that drivers from karting must make a big step. In motorsport, almost everything is organised differently from karting. We are going to put that right. You can compare our whole set-up with motorsports like F4, F3, and F2. That takes some getting used to, but it's better to do that now than when you make the switch.

I hesitate between you and an EK or NK. Why should I choose Karting Champions League? 

Good question. Cost is one. If you do the maths, you conclude we have a very good proposition. There is no other European kart series where everyone can drive the best material regarding brand and reputation (CRG, Vega, Rotax, and TM). Also, everything is organised to the highest standard, with Karting Champions League as an independent representative ensuring fairness and equality. There is also our partnership with MP.

With us, you know that people from MP are watching, so you can be sure that your achievements will be noticed by the team.


What is the Karting Champions League?

The Karting Champions League is a karting competition centered on talent development. It offers racing talents the opportunity to showcase their skills and potentially advance to motorsports.

What is the purpose of the Karting Champions League? 

The goal of the Karting Champions League is to provide racing talents of different ages and experience levels with equal opportunities and prepare them for a career in motorsports.

How can I sign up for the Karting Champions League? 

You can sign up for the Karting Champions League by filling out the registration form on this website.

What does it cost to participate in the Karting Champions League? 

The cost varies depending on the racing class and includes a flat annual fee. Detailed pricing information is available on this website and is described for each class.

Do I have to pay the entire fee at once for my participation? 

No, you pay half at registration and the second half in 8 equal parts during the season. 

How does Arrive & drive work? 

With Arrive & drive, you don't have to worry about equipment, storage or maintenance because everything is included. This includes a race-ready kart, fuel, tires, transportation and maintenance throughout the season.

Racing classes

What racing classes are running in the Karting Champions League?

The Karting Champions League has five different racing classes: Micro Max K6, Mini Max K5, Junior Max K4, Senior Max K3 and Shifter TM KZ K2, each suitable for different age groups and experience levels.

What is the difference between the different racing classes? 

Each racing class is tailored to a specific age group and experience level. The karts and setups are identical within each class, putting racing talent first.

What are the age categories for the different racing classes?

The age categories vary by class; Micro Max K6 is for ages 8 to 11. Mini Max K5 is for 10 to 13 years old , Junior Max K4 is for 12 to 14 years old.  Senior Max K3 is for ages 14 and up. The Shifter TM KZ K2 is for ages 15 and up.

What are the requirements to enter a specific racing class? 

The requirements vary by class. You must be the right age, have a karting license, race experience, matching classes and enough speed in the kart.

What is the difference between Micro Max K6, Mini Max K5, Junior Max K4, Senior Max K3 and Shifter TM KZ K2?

These classes are designed for different age groups and experience levels, with Micro Max K6 being the entry-level class and Shifter TM KZ K2 being the most advanced class.


How does the Karting Champions League help novice drivers develop? 

The Karting Champions League provides guidance and training from day one, including racing in a team, knowledge about the karts and competition rules.

Are drivers coached in learning how to race in a team? 

Yes, riders learn how to race in a team and work together with a teammate.

How can riders prepare to race in the Karting Champions League? 

Inexperienced drivers can sign up for the Karting Champions League Academy.
Experienced drivers can purchase a CRG kart to train. 

What is the admission day and why is it important? 

The admission day assesses the basic skills of novice drivers and provides a safe and competitive racing environment. A minimum lap time is required for admission.


What is included in Arrive & drive? 

Arrive & drive includes a race-ready kart, fuel, tires, transportation, maintenance, technical support and driver coaching. All season long (8 weekends). 

What is the equipment of the karts in the different racing classes? 

The CRG karts vary by class, but they are carefully put together to provide equal opportunities for all drivers.

What costs are not included in the Karting Champions League Arrive & Drive? 

Costs for race clothing, safety equipment, helmet, travel and lodging at the races, and any damage costs are not included.

Are there opportunities for inexperienced karters to train before entering the competition? 

Yes, inexperienced karters can train with Karting Champions League karts and later advance to the competition.

What is the purpose of the Karting Champions League Academy? 

The Academy prepares (novice) drivers for a career in racing by teaching them essential skills and knowledge.

Are all damages included in the arrive & drive? 

No. If something breaks due to normal use, it will be replaced. For reckless use of the equipment, wantonly breaking the kart or wantonly driving another kart off the track, the costs are for the drivers. But with normal use, damages fall within arrive & drive. 

Suppose my engine doesn't start anymore, do I have to buy a new one?  

No. We make sure that your kart and all your racing material on your kart (engine, tires, radiator, etc.) is in top condition. So if your engine stops working, you will receive a new one or we will repair it on the spot. 

How is it that everyone has equal chances? One bike is often faster than another....

Because we take all the karts and motorcycles back with us after the race, we know for sure that all the equipment is equal to each other. Just like the tuning. All engines are tuned equally on the power bench and in addition, we randomly swap engines among each other in a class. So everyone really has equal chances.


Where do the Karting Champions League races take place? 

The races take place at various karting tracks in Europe (outdoor tracks), including professional tracks where current Formula One drivers have learned to race.

How many races are there in a season and how are they distributed? 

There are 8 race weekends with a total of 32 races spread over 8 different countries.

Is there live race data available during the events? 

Yes, live lap times during races and practice sessions are available through live race data, which can be seen at the track and on our website. 

Where can I find race results?

Race results can be found on the Karting Champions League website.

What are the rules and regulations for the Karting Champions League races? 

The rules and regulations will be provided as soon as they are available and contain the official rules and regulations for the races.


How can participation in the Karting Champions League lead to a career in motorsports? 

The Karting Champions League offers drivers the chance to advance to higher racing classes and even race a season in a Formula 4 at MP Motorsport. Nowhere is the connection to motorsports closer than here. 

How can I win a season of racing in a Formula 4 at MP Motorsport? 

The champion of the highest class (Shifter K2) gets the chance to race a season in a Formula 4 at MP Motorsport in the Spanish championship. 

MP Points

What are MP points and how can they be redeemed for Formula 4 test days?

MP points can be earned from the K5 class and redeemed at MP-Motrosport for participation in Formula 4 test days.

Why is there a weighting factor with the MP points  

The weighting factors ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to earn test days at MP Motorsport. Whether you start in the K5 or start in the K2 you can earn almost the same amount and the same speed of MP points. 

Why does someone who starts in K5 get to accumulate 7 years of points and someone from K2 only gets to accumulate 4? 

To test in Formula 4 you must be at least 14 years old. To make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity, a young driver starting in K5 collecting MP points may take 7 years and an older driver in K2 only 4 years. The weighting factor then ensures that both can end up with the same number of points.

Can I go and redeem the MP points myself at MP-Motorsport? 

No. If you, want to redeem your MP-points then contact the Karting Champions League race director. They will arrange everything for you. 

Can I redeem MP points as many times as I want? 

No. You can redeem your MP points once. If you have any MP-Points left after that, they will be forfeited.

Can I also lose MP-Points? 

Yes. If you or your family/friends show unsportsmanlike behavior or do unacceptable things during the Karting Champions League (cheating, obstructing others, cursing, etc.) the race organizers can take points away from you.

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