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The stepping stone to a professional racing career.

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The Karting Champions League is an official partner of MP Motorsport. Our motivation is to train racing talents. That is why we have created a karting championship where drivers are given equal opportunities.

Unfortunately, in the racing world, speed and money often go hand in hand. With more budget you can get better equipment and therefore drive faster. This means that it is not always the best driver who wins, but the driver with the best budget. In practice we see that for this reason, in our opinion, the best driver does not always win.

You can hardly undo the budget advantage. In Formula 1 they are now trying to do that with the budget cap, but whether it is really successful? There is only one way to really equalize it and that is to make sure that every driver rents the equipment and an organization gives everyone the same equipment.



And so that is what we are going to do. In 8 months we have set up a kart championship where in 6 classes with up to 36 participants per class can be driven. In each class equal material, the engines are raffled off each weekend and the setup is the same. This ensures that the talent of the drivers really makes the difference. The best rider will automatically emerge in each class. Budget no longer plays a big role this way.

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The Best Wins

In our opinion, the best karters go away with the wins in these classes. Real racing talents stand up. The prize for this has become a season in the Formula 4 championship at MP Motorsport, worth €350,000. Due to a unique points system, test days in Formula 4 can also be won.


Do you want to show what you can do? Sign up and we'll see you at the Karting Champions League and maybe even in Formula 4. But of course, like you, we hope that in a few years we will be able to say: look that new world champion in Formula 1, he started with us in the Karting Champions League!

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Every Formula 1 driver once started in a kart.

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